• Skin Tag Removal

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    30 min session - $300

    Skin tags, technically called acrochordons, are benign skin growths made of collagen fibers, nerve cells, fat cells and a covering of skin.

    To remove these skin tags, you should seek a professional removal method, such as cauterization, and do not try to remove skin tags at home. Doing so may lead to bleeding, irritation, and infection. And most importantly, you can not be sure it is a skin tag without co suiting a professional. Cutting off another skin growth can be very dangerous.

    At Lux Beauty. We use the cauterization method (burning the skin tag off) where you can expect a scab for 3-5 days, and then the area will return to you regular skin color.

    Be sure to avoid sun exposure after the skin tag removal, sunscreen is sufficient. Numbing is also available!