• Chemical Peels

    Sensitive Peel $250

    Perfect for sensitive skin and for clients who have never had a chemical peel before. Also a great option for young acne patients! This peel is ideal for summer time because you want to limit sun and heat exposure after a chemical peel, so this gentle peel is safe during summer months.


    Brightening Kit $800 

    This peel is great for correcting sun spots and melasma. Our Brightening Kit includes one peel with a 4 week follow up appointment. Also, includes a 28 day depigmentation regime with creams included! Pre and post care regimen also included.


    Brightening Kit Plus $1,000

    This peel is the same treatment as the Brightening Pell, but includes a second peel. Ideal for clients with more severe photodamage and severe melasma. Kit also includes pre and post care skincare regimen.