• Eyelash Extensions

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    Classic Full Set $130

    Classic eyelash extensions are simple, beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension is attached to one natural lash. This allows you to achieve a natural enhancement.

    Hybrid Full Set $150

    Hybrid lashes are a 70-30 mixture of both classic lashes and volume lashes. Choosing hybrid extensions gives your clients the best of both worlds. The look is achieved by mixing classic lashes and volume lashes placed strategically to frame the eyes. For the clients that want a lash line with a bit more volume but not quite as full as volume extensions, then this is the route to go.

    Volume Full Set $180

    Volume eyelash extensions vary from a natural look which adds some length and volume, to a very dramatic and full look. The full, voluminous look is created by using fans instead of single lash extensions, and have a higher ratio than the 1:1 classic lashes. The fans create a very full and more dramatic look than the other two options.


    2 Week Fill $85

    Must have at least 50% of your lashes to be considered a fill.


    1 Week Mini Fill $50

    Must have at least 75% of lashes to be considered a min fill. Mini fills are 30 min with our lash tech.