• Epilfree

    A 100% natural product that reduces hair growth!

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    Full Body (12 Sessions) $4320
    Under Arms (12 sessions) $600
    Upper Lip (12 sessions) $300
    Bikini (12 sessions) $1350
    Full Legs (12 sessions) $2400
    Full face (12 sessions) $1250
    Eyebrows (12 sessions) $650

    Epilfree is safe for everyone of all ages and skin types. There aren't any known risks or allergies and it is completely painless!

    This is a three step process:

    1. Perform hair removal with Epilfree approved wax.
    2. Apply Activator A – applied topically on treated surface.
    3. Apply Toner B - massage into the skin of the treated surface.

    The Activator A includes antiseptic ingredients that disinfect the treatment area and opens the follicles 4 times the normal size to allow Toner B to enter the follicles. Toner B enters the root and inhibits the follicle of producing new hair.

    Epilfree is a great option for removing unwanted fuzz, light hair, and blonde hair that laser hair removal doesn't always remove! There are also no restrictions for post-hair removal with Epilfree, like the sun restrictions that there are after laser.

    We recommend a minimum of 12 treatments for best results, depending on hair pattern, genetics, hair growth, sex, etc. Maintenance every 1-5 years is also recommended and usually needed.