• MOMmy make over

    Mommy make over

    2 Large areas (abdomen, Back, front legs or back legs/Glutes $300

    Small area (Arms, Chin or inner thighs) $180

    Small area add on (arms, chin or inner thighs) $120

    "only applies when already doing 2 Large areas

    Ice is used for targeting any area of the body, which helps activate a unique, natural process in the body called thermogenesis.


    Thermogenesis is a natural function that activates the brown adipose tissue (brown fat bat) and burns the white adipose tissue (fat cells). It occurs when skin receptors stimulate the nervous system when exposed to cold.


    This process aims to restore the body to normal temperature, by accelerating a rapid metabolism. This generates heat and burns fat by naturally depositing it through the lymphatic system.