• Tattoo Lightening/Removal

    Tattoo Lightening - $250 per session

    This service is a non-laser tattoo removal option! Pigment is lifted to the surface of the skin and becomes lighter and lighter with each session, instead of traditional laser tattoo removal where the pigment goes into the bloodstream and your body has to flush it out.

    Recommended to do multiple sessions, depending on the darkness of the tattoo. Client in the picture had 4 Tattoo Lightening sessions to achieve those amazing results!


    What makes Non-Laser Tattoo Removal different from other systems?

    🌱 It is made of natural ingredients. Most other tattoo removal methods utilize saline, acids, lasers or other harmful chemicals.
    ✅ It is a great alternative for lightening unwanted tattoos, before doing a cover up tattoo or laser removal!
    ❌ Although tattoo pigmentation may not be fully removed, this technique is a better alternative to laser because you don't risk scarring.
    👍 It actually lifts the ink out rather than absorbing it into your body. You will receive outstanding results regardless of ink color, skin tone or the location of the tattoo.